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How to Use Family Dollar Coupon Codes?

Here is how you can get and use Family Dollar coupon codes.

1. Browse the official Family Dollar Website to find coupons for the products you want to buy.

2. Clip coupons for the products you want to buy. Every coupon you clip will be automatically captured and stored in ‘Clipped Coupons' on your Family Dollar account.

3. Visit the nearest Family Dollar store and shop for products as you normally do.

4. During checkout, key in your mobile phone number at the register and the prices of all products, for which you have clipped coupons, will automatically be discounted by their respective clipped coupon amounts. 

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How to Save at Family Dollar?

The easiest way to save money when shopping at Family Dollar is by using the company's coupon codes. You can clip the official coupons on the store website or the official Family Dollar App. Although the savings per product may seem minor, you can save more than a hundred bucks a month if you are a frequent shopper.

Another way to save with the store is to first check out their price drop segment to see which items are being sold at discounted prices. This will help you pay less for your favorite brands.

Lastly, there is the 'Weekly Ads' way of saving money. The 'Weekly Ad' is a printable online image with a list of basic products put on sale for the week. If you see something you will need now or next month on the 'Weekly Ad', make sure you grab it to save serious money before the prices go back to normal. 

Family Dollar Review

Family Dollar is a great variety store, in which you can save money on everyday items. The company was founded in 1959 and it has really grown to become one of the most prominent stores of its type.

You will find a variety of products at Family Dollar. However, the store is most famous for its household products.

The best way to save money on the store is to download their App. The App has plenty of coupons on most products. Make sure you clip the coupons before you check in to make it easy to get discounts when checking out at a physical Family Dollar store.

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About Family Dollar

Have you ever wanted to buy small household stuff but found it difficult to locate such stuff in any of the major retail chain stores? If yes, then you should visit the Family Dollar. Family Dollar is a locally grown, neighborhood chain store that specializes in selling a great variety of household goods at rock bottom prices.

The store was founded in 1959 by Leon Levine; a young entrepreneur from North Carolina. Over the last few decades, Mr.Levine and his partners have grown the store exponentially. The chain store now has a presence in over 8,000 locations across the US and records annual revenues of about $11 billion.

Of interest to you will be the fact that Family Dollar is all about saving. The store has plenty of deals and offers that customers like you can profit from. More information about this later on this page.

Family Dollar Free Shipping Policy

This variety store chain does not have a free shipping policy. You will have to buy products in-store and arrange for transport back home.

Family Dollar Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with any item you have purchased from Family Dollar, you can return it within 30 days from the day you bought it. However, items such as lottery cards, alcohol, and tobacco products, cannot be returned.

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