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How to Use Crate & Barrel Coupon Codes?

Using Crate and Barrel coupon codes is quite simple. Below is how:

1. Visit the store's official website and browse through their menu to find what you are looking for. Click on your chosen product.

2. A page will appear containing specific details about your chosen item. Here, you can include the quantity you wish to purchase and then click "Add to cart"

3. A summary of your order will appear showing the order subtotal. Click "Checkout now"

4. In the next page that appears, you will be required to fill in your personal details. Do so and click "continue"

5. Next, choose your desired method of payment from the provided options. It is also at this page that you will use your Crate and Barrel promo code. Click "+ Promo code", enter your promo code in the box provided and click "Apply" and then click "Place order" to complete the checkout process.

6. Wait for your item to be delivered to your address.

P.S.: Crate and Barrel promo codes are limited time offers and are valid on full price items and on discounted items. You can when paying using a credit card or even a gift card.

Crate & Barrel Coupons

How to Save from Crate and Barrel?

Saving at Crate and Barrel is quite simple. You could use coupon codes any time you shop to cut back on the cost. You could also have a look at their sale to find out what is on offer and when is the next clearance sale.

Crate and Barrel Review

Crate & Barrel Coupons

Crate and Barrel is an international retailer that sells furniture, décor and, housewares. The company was started in 1962 in Chicago and has now spread to 11 different countries.

You can buy dining seating, furniture home décor, plus indoor and outdoor furniture.

Unfortunately, Crate and Barrel does not offer free shipping. They instead have different shipping options that vary in cost and delivery time. The cheapest option is the Standard Delivery shipping that takes 4 to 6 business days, and the most expensive options are Premium and Express Delivery options.

With regards to saving money, the retailer permits the use of coupon codes by its clients when shopping. It also has clearance sale once in a while where buyers get to enjoy shopping at discounted prices. Sometimes the discounts are so huge that you can save up to $50 on a single furniture item.

Crate & Barrel Coupons

Up to 15% OFF from Crate & Barrel 10 Coupon Codes.

About Crate & Barrel

Founded in 1962 in Chicago, Illinois by Gordon and Carol Segal, Crate and Barrel Holdings is one of the members of the Otto Group and has employed more than 7,000 individuals. Operating more than 100 stores and franchise partners in 11 nations, Crate and Barrel are a global destination for modern and contemporary furniture, home décor and housewares. Some of the specific things you will find at Crate and Barrel include dining seating, indoor, and outdoor furniture, and other furniture items.

Read on to find out about lucrative crate and barrel promo codes/ coupon codes and the limited time offers valid on full priced items.

Crate & Barrel Free Shipping Policy

At this time, Crate and Barrel do not appear to have a free shipping policy. The most affordable shipping option on is the Standard Delivery shipping option. The Standard Delivery shipping option takes between four to six business days. It does not need a Crate and Barrel promo code. The more expensive an item is, the higher its Standard Delivery charge will be. This retailer has two other shipping options for those who want expedited shipping. The expedited shipping options are Premium Delivery and Express Delivery. Unsurprisingly, both shipping options cost more than the Standard Delivery option. The delivery of items to addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories, takes longer and costs a bit more than the delivery to addresses in the 48 contiguous United States.

Crate & Barrel Return Policy

Crate and Barrel has two return policies; one for domestic US shoppers and the other for international shoppers. Non-furniture products shopped at Crate and Barrel have a three-month return-by date. In order for such returns to be accepted, they must be in good condition (not washed or used), and you must provide a proof of purchase. Without a proof of purchase, your return will not be accepted. Your return will also not be accepted if it was sold as part of a final sale promotion. Furniture and rugs are also returnable. You will have one week from the date of delivery to arrange for the return of a furniture or rug that does not meet your expectations. Importantly, you must note that you may be charged a restocking fee of at least 25% of the value of your original order, for returns that are deemed not to be in their original condition, or returned later than the stated return-by date.

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